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2007 VHF region 1 Contest

2008,2009 look down this page


Ant system 1 on ground

Ant system 1 on air

Ant system 2

ANt system 1 on air

Shack and ant system 2

VHF Power to the people

OZ1FDH at night time

OZ1HDF busy :-)

Ant system 2 and moon view in the night

220/380 Power is something you need when QRO



2008 VHF region 1 Contest

2009 look down this page



Contest site overview

3 Antenne system 4x4 elm + 4x6elm + 2x18elm

opr OZ1DJJ at 0400z

another view of 3 antenna systems

opr OZ1GER 0500z

Shack trailer and PA trailer

3xPA 1KW+ One PA for each antennesystem

Make a cake using heat from PA's


OZ1FDH the movie

2009 VHF region 1 Contest.

5p5t 3x ant systems

3 phase 30KW gen



Power to the people

OZ1GER+Power to the people


view Sunday morning