YU7EF 6m(6elm) and 4m(7elm)

 Duo band antenna

on a 6m boom.



Here you will find the information/results on YU7EF duo band 6,4m  6+7elm yagi with 12mm elements on the same 6m long boom .

Pop Have on he's web www.yu7ef.com a 5 elm 4/6m duaband Yagi  made of taper elements. I ask Pop to make another design, with a 6m long boom and 12mm Alu tubing,  he was so kind to provide me with this information after some days of calculations, Thanks Pop for taking your time !

 Here is data of YU7EF Pop 6 elm(50Mhz) and 7elm(70Mhz) 4+6m douband with 12mm Alu tubing

More pic's on OZ1DJJ Duo band antenna  will soon come!



YU7EF Dimension using 12mm alu tubing for all elements:


YO4FYQ have build the antenna and result after 1 day use seams to be okay.

Here a pic's of YO4FYQ duoband


LA4ANA has also build the antenna.

Here a pic's of LA4ANA 4m/6m duoband