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22. January 2010

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Here you will find OZ1DJJ status of worked DXCC and locators from JO65HP

bullet4m (70Mhz) I got a special permit to use 4m in August 2003. Since Jan. 2004. 70Mhz is now a general legal band for all OZ's. Power is limited to  25W output, International 70 Mhz allocations can be found here.

You can see mine status for DXCC and locators. Also visit The Four Metres Website for more information on 4m.
bullet OZ1DJJ 4m DXCC
bullet OZ1DJJ 4m Sq. MAP or OZ1DJJ 4m squares on list

bullet2004 My setup was on 4m  a FT847 with pre.amp(BF981). Power output on my 847is only 0.5W-2W I use to drive my QQE 06/40 Tube amp. output power on a dummyload can be up to 110W but  on antenna only 25W, this is max leagel power on 4m in Denmark. My antenna is a re-design of a 3elm Cushcraft A503 6m yagi, But will be upgraded during spring 2005 to a 5 elm DK7ZB 4m yagi design.
bullet Link to OZ's qrv on 4m
bulletMy new 4m transverter and 25W PA tranv. is a redesign of OE9PMJ 6m transverter by OZ2M and OZ7IS
bullet Link to 70Mhz Transverter on OZ2M webpage


Other 4m operators:

bulletG0JHC setup 5elm DK7ZB and FT847+BV130


bulletThe true Story on the big 4m portabel mobile DXpedtion to JO56


2elm in JO56!!! it was not JO56 but JO55 after check of QTH on GPS


Check at GPS JO56PA

Mobile operation

1st step put together antenna

Mobile shack

Setup of radio

Portable tower

A quick portable tower using my 8 year old daughter Nina.

She was complaining after 10 min :-)

After 10 min's of portabel operation OZ2M get a new grid on 4m



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