22. January 2010

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Here you can find my  best collection of links.

bullet ON4KST 50/70 Chat (you can always find me here)
bulletOn4KST Chat is the place where you will find many activ 6m operators
bullet PA1SIX-six meter propagation
bulletwebpage of Peter who has collect  information from real-time IONOGRAM/magnetograms and other propagation stuff.
bulletOX3LX Webpage  (my second call)
bulletHere you will find infomation on when some ting going on in Greenland on 6m. Pictures and info on OX3SIX, OX3VHF and OX4M beacons.
bullet Anthony (Tony) Mann's TVDX page
bullet Frekvens below 50Mhz, prop frq's
bulletActivity index Tromsoe
bullet HAARP High Freq. Active Auroral Reasearch "DATA"
bullet Hepburn's V/UHF Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
bulletG0KSC Great VHF/UHF antenna building site
bulletDK7ZB Great VHF antenna building site
bulletYU7EF-Pop, Great VHF Antenna building site
bulletYU7EF have a 5elm duoband antenne for 6+4m see more here
bulletYU7EF have a 6+7elm duoband antenne for 6+4m see more here
bulletI0QM 1:1 coax balun for 50 Ohm antennas
bullet FAQ for Yaesu FT-847
bulletRune's LMR-Links
bullet2m 432 LNA ordering
bulletNEOSID Pemetzrieder GmbH & Co. KG inductive components
bulletVE3HLS RF Noise Home Page
bulletRF Parts Company™ Amateur Radio Catalog
bullet50Mhz Radio Path Plots overlayed on Near Real-Time Total Electron Content Map
bulletSKYMET Main Meteor
bullet OZ's List QRV on 4m
bulletConversion of weights and measures, metric conversion. Convert easily!
bullet The ITU Emission
bullet Find your Locator



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