22. January 2010

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Here you will find some tech. information.

Antenne measurements and designs


Sweep of my 3 band GP15 vertical for 50,144,432Mhz


Sweep of my 4m 3elm A503 Cushcraft re-design Yagi


Sweep of my 6m A506 Cushcraft 6elm

Design of af 19m vertical tower with a topload. for MF 2182+2265 Khz in Greenland

Design of a 60m verical tower with a topload 4 times 27m, for 518 Khz NAVTEX site in Greenland

OZ1BNN 2x4elm 6m OZ3SW design

FT847 Mods on 4m (more power out)

SteepIR 5elm HF beam with build in 6elm 6m

OZ7OX Spiderbeam 22m AGL

OZ7OX 6elm 6m over spiderbeam

5P5T new 4elm 2m ant




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