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22. January 2010

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Here you will find OZ1DJJ status of worked DXCC and locators from JO65HP, you can also find some wav files recorded  by me or others on different propagations mode.

bullet6m (50Mhz) I have been QRV on 6m since the beginning in OZ. The magic band open in Denmark 4th of Januar 1990 and I was QRV from the first day. From 1986-1990 I was QRV as OX3LX and therefore 6 m was not a new band for me, in 2008 it is 22 years ago I made my first contact on 6m from OX.  
bulletIf you seek more information on 6m go to UKSMG Home Page.
bullet OZ1DJJ 6m DXCC
bullet OZ1DJJ 6m Sq. EU-MAP or NA-MAP or WW-MAP or OZ1DJJ 6m squares on list
bulletOZ1DJJ JT6M 2007 Chall map


bulletDX Au/Aue wav files recording by OZ1DJJ:
bulletHear Au/AuE QSO with K1TOL 21.01.2005 !!1 Short version!
bulletHear Au/AuE on K1TOL 21.01.2005 !!1 The full long version! I did not belive my ears so I send ? to be sure it was K1TOL and not just a funny person!
bulletAu/Aue wav files recording by OZ1DJJ:
bulletOH9SIX/b together with strong inband UA vids CW 21.01.2005
bulletG4DEZ working F and me on SSB 21.01.2005
bulletOH3MF + LA6XI CW 21.01.2005
bulletAu/Aue wav files recording by others:
bulletrec. by OZ1BNN OZ1DJJ_LA8AV in Au 19.01.2005
bulletrec. by OZ1BNN OZ1DJJ_OH1MLZ in Au 21.01.2005
bulletF2/Es wav files recording by OZ1DJJ:
bulletTT8DX 03.03.2002


bulletOff topic recordings:
bulletOX2K 23cm EME s9 echo's on 32m Dish CW
bulletOX2k 23cm EME s9 Echo's on 32m Dish SSB




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